VIDEO: Exploring a 30km beaver creek on an airbed

Approximately three kilometers inland from the coastal town of Holmestrand in southern Norway, you will find a small beaver infested creek running 30 kilometers south to Tønsberg. Along the way, the creek joins forces with the rivers Storelva and Aulieelva, before entering the Tønsberg Fjord.

Come along to the jungle of southern Norway, to a muddy little creek where the beavers rule, and where Håkon and I obviously are in the wrong spot.

Published by Mikkel Soya

Biolog, forfatter og foredragsholder. Jakter kunsten å leve et enkelt og eventyrlig liv uten å ta knekken på kloden.

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Exploring a 30km beaver creek on an airbed

  1. Thanks, Alastair. I saw your post and could not agree more – it doesn’t have to be expensive. To be honest, the idea should be attributed to the crafty aussies, who have negotiated small rivers and streams this way for a few decades. They call it “liloing” after a popular brand of air mattresses.


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