70 seconds of outdoor happiness

« … And this weekend there really is no time, but it’s no use thinking about that now, the boots sink into the snow, the pack resting heavily on the back and in your hand you hold a child. We leave the small road and go into the night. Straight pines slide out from the black and into the light of the headlamps. When the cloud cover for a moment opens up, the moon peeks through, orange, half-covered by Earth’s shadow: the lunar eclipse.»

Winter camping in winter with children need not be a huge, insurmountable project. An extra sleeping bag, a thick mattress, warm clothing and boots. The adventure is waiting right out there.

Published by Mikkel Soya

Biolog, forfatter og foredragsholder. Jakter kunsten å leve et enkelt og eventyrlig liv uten å ta knekken på kloden.

7 thoughts on “70 seconds of outdoor happiness

  1. Hey Mikkel,
    Recently discoverd your cool blog. I am really liking your videos, especially your time lapse shots.
    Though the downside is that I now have serious camera envy 😉
    Looking forward to seing more.


    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m sorry about the camera envy. The good news is that you don’t need a super fancy camera to do time lapse, as long as it is capable of taking pictures automatically with an interval timer.



      1. Very good point… now I just need to google ‘interval timer’ to see the what, the how and the why!
        I’d love to film and/or do a time lapse of the Northern Lights at some point in my life. Funnily enough there were sightings of the NL’s the last few evenings even in the UK can you believe .
        Time to start practicing me thinks… Thanks for the inspiration.


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