Out of hibernation

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It’s been quiet here on the site for a while. Very quiet. And there’s a good reason for that: Last winter was spent as a teacher, freelance journalist, author and father (and probably part-time nutcase), all while I was maintaining my primary blog in Norwegian as well as this space. It became very clear at one point that something had to go. At least temporarily. And that something ended up being this very space.

In August 2013 two important things changed: Firstly, our new book about outdoor life with kids finally hit the bookstores (I’m afraid it’s in Norwegian, but the photos are nice, if I dare say). And secondly, I reduced my position even more at school. And that last move makes it possible to write a word or two and drop a photo here now and then, which is exactly what I plan to do.

And though I haven’t written a word on the blog, this is by no way indicative of our outdoor life this year, highlights being a two-time crossing of Norway with the kids this summer, first by mountain bike and later by packraft. Don’t be surprised if a photo-potpourri hits the blog in the near future.

Crossing Norway by bike with the kids.

Crossing Norway by bike with the kids.

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Outdoor magazine writer, author and photographer with a soft spot for biking and paddling.

8 thoughts on “Out of hibernation”

      • One option I’m thinking (for myself) every now and then would be just blogging photos with minimal text. I take, select and tweek the photos anyway so would be easy to blog them. Text in English is slow for me and thus finding time is sometimes hard. Your photos are awesome so it would be reasonable option. At least I enjoy them a lot. 🙂


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Jaakko. Yes, blogging in English does take some time … oh, well, it´s great fun when I´ve got the time for it 🙂


  2. Lucky for me my brother-in-law is Norwegian. I’ll have him translate your beautiful book while trapped in a snowy cabin with the whole family over Christmas.


    • Thanks for leaving a comment, it´s fun to hear that the book will receive international readers.

      A bit early, but merry christmas, then 😀



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