A tiny Tasmanian tale

I confess. I don’t know where to begin. I know when it started, though. 23 years ago, when I met my Becky in Denmark. Half British, half Australian. Tasmanian, to be precise. I can’t count the number of times we’ve dreamed of going back to her childhood fairytale island, but somehow, the journey always got postponed. That is, until last December, when we finally fulfilled our dream. For four weeks.

– Four weeks is a long time, our family and friends in Norway and Denmark said. Are you also traveling to mainland Australia?

– No, we answered. Tasmania is more than enough.

And it sure was. A month felt just like a taster, though the sum of all that we experienced was unfathomably overwhelming. Which is why, for the moment, this is what you get. A little taster.

Tasmania is:

Creepy Animals …

2014.12.12–2015.01.10 Tasmania0420


… and cute animals.

2014.12.12–2015.01.10 Tasmania0775


Tasmania is cold nights in the mountains …

2014.12.12–2015.01.10 Tasmania2567


… and hot days in the lowlands.

2014.12.12–2015.01.10 Tasmania3758


Tasmania is long-legged creatures …

2014.12.12–2015.01.10 Tasmania4221


… and short-legged creatures.

2014.12.12–2015.01.10 Tasmania4297


Tasmania is lush rainforests …

2014.12.12–2015.01.10 Tasmania5891


… and deep lakes.

2014.12.12–2015.01.10 Tasmania6127


Tasmania is sometimes a little too much water …

2014.12.12–2015.01.10 Tasmania5353


… and sometimes just perfect water.

2014.12.12–2015.01.10 Tasmania5615


It is not entirely unlikely that it will be less than 23 years until the next time we visit Tasmania.

14 Replies to “A tiny Tasmanian tale”

  1. Hi Mikkel. Thanks for sharing your story. That is truly an adventure. Glad you went to Tasmania and survived despite the many interesting animals.
    All the best to you and your family,


  2. Coming from Victoria in Oz I have had a number of trips to Tassie, it has some wonderful hiking areas, beaches, forests, peaks, “bogs” etc. It has it all. I always advise people heading south if time is limited Tassie and NZ are the best options. BTW Black Snakes are not that aggressive, its the tigers and … that you have to worry about, Leaches are also fun. I see you are using a primus pot and burner (I assume)


    1. Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for commenting. The black snake on the picture is a Tiger Snake, but rather docile in the cold. They were impressively quick on the ground and in the water when the weather was warm, though. The leaches were fun, literally, we had a good laugh observing these tenacious bloodsuckers.


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