Mikkel Soya Bølstad is a Norwegian based outdoor magazine photojournalist, author and public speaker. His formal education as a zoologist fuses with his love for the outdoors to produce a unique blend of storytelling and natural history. He has worked as a columnist and is a regular contributor to several Norwegian outdoor publications and has published five books. Mikkel gives public speeches on venues ranging from Pecha Kucha nights to mountain film festivals and seminars, big and small.

You can see more of his work at the Norwegian website villglede.no.

Norwegian clients
Aftenposten A-magasinet
Fjell og Vidde
Snø & Ski
Turistforeningens årbok

International clients

Sidetracked Magazine
Bunyan Velo


Ut Kunsten å leve et enkelt og eventyrlig liv uten å ta knekken på kloden. Skald forlag.

I skogens dype, stille ro. Jakten på den norske urskogen. J.M. Stenersens Forlag.

Villmarkssykling. Sykkelen som redskap for turer overalt. Fri Flyt

#mikroeventyr. Cappelen Damm

Vill glede, friluftsliv med barn året rundt. Gyldendal


19 Replies to “About”

  1. Lovely blog Mikkel. Your writings and images are beautiful and give a delightful insight into part of the life you live on the other side of the world from me.

    What camera are you shooting pics and video with, your images and editing are magnificent?



  2. Hi Steve

    Many thanks for the very nice comment. Nowadays I mainly shoot with a Nikon D7000 with a 35mm 1.8 DX or a 16-85mm DX on trips (lightweight and pack a lot of bang for the buck). Editing is carried out in Bibble 5.x. By the way, we hope to go packrafting in Australia at one point (my better half partly grew up in Tassie).



  3. Your photography is amazing. What lighting are you using? It looks like maybe some of your photos with the sky are done with a polarization filter? The EXIF info in the images doesn’t say what cameras and lenses you’re using. Some of the photos look like they are done with expensive wide angle lenses. I would love it if you did a post about your photography techniques, using the images on your site here as examples to show the results.


    1. Thanks a lot! I might do a post about my photography one day. Unfortunately there’s no polarization filter involved. The equipment used is modestly prized, mainly a Nikon D7000 with a 35mm 1.8 DX or the 16-85mm DX. I did use a 10.5 mm DX fisheye on the night pictures from the hammock trip combined with light painting with a flashlight. I often use an SB-700 flash to give some fill on persons.


  4. Light painting with a flashlight! Brilliant! That’s the kind of solid gold photography tricks I’ve been hoping to learn from you! It’s obvious there was something different in the lighting in that photo, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I will keep that trick in mind for the next opportunity to try it. I just bought a new flashlight that arrived this week, so the timing is perfect for flashlight lighting tricks 🙂

    I have gotten one evening photo with similar strong blue cloudy sky. I’m not sure what causes that, but it shows up pretty frequently in one of my secret photography spots. It’s so vivid, it’s easy to assume that it must be some trick like a filter, but I’ve seen it happen naturally myself at low latitudes.

    Norway is an amazing place. The location, the landscape, and the locals are all exceptional. It’s a good place for a photographer to make amazing photos, even from a family vacation 🙂


    1. I might not be the right person to learn lightpainting from, as this was my first attempt outside 😉

      There was no filter involved, however. One trick you could try is to play around with tungsten white balance in the evening.



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