Farewell to freeze dried food

We only walked a couple of kilometres from our house and into the woods. The camp was set at dusk just far enough away that we disappeared into our own world as darkness spread through the pine trunks. It was on this trip that Sif grew into her role as the family’s wilderness chef. WhetherContinue reading “Farewell to freeze dried food”

Hammocks in the summer night – first experience with our Hennessy hammocks

There are a lot of things that aren’t wise. And to go on a family overnight trip with hammocks at the peak of the midge season is definitely not the smartest thing to do. We did it anyway – there weren’t that many midges in the forest any more, were there? But there were. TheContinue reading “Hammocks in the summer night – first experience with our Hennessy hammocks”

Under an open sky

It is the oldest girl who proposes it: the last camp fire trip of the season. Let the tarp and the tent remain at home and sleep under an open sky, before the mosquitoes and midges occupy the forest. What father could say no to that? It gets late before we get away. Again. ButContinue reading “Under an open sky”

Wintercamping with Children – Northern Lights and Whooper Swans above the Blefjell mountains

It was winter. There was snow. And before us awaited a week without any big plans – winter holiday 2011. The ideas were many, but the decision was easy: We went to Blefjell, our lokal mountain range. Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tents, food, clothing, cooking equipment, cuddly teddy bears and a radio were distributed betweenContinue reading “Wintercamping with Children – Northern Lights and Whooper Swans above the Blefjell mountains”

Off season

The landscape along the coast of the southern most part of Norway is a mosaic consisting of agricultural land, caravan sites, vast stretches of cabin areas, and, what we came looking for, smooth rock faces gliding into the sea, interspersed with the occasional remnant gnarled oak forest and tall growing beech forest. Last autumn weContinue reading “Off season”

Packrafting in Gautefall

We were really supposed to have left on a Thursday, but with the prospect of extended flooding due to heavy rainfall, we chose to wait out the weather. Then came Friday 22 July and the unfathomable events: The bombing of the government quarter in Oslo and the subsequent massacre of youths on Utøya. It wasContinue reading “Packrafting in Gautefall”