Bikepacking with Banjo

New YouTube video out, this time bikepacking with Banjo, our Jack Russell Terrier, to one of our favourite bikepacking campsites in our neighbourhood while philosophising about what really matters in life. Can anything good come out of the Covid pandemic raging through the world? Does a Jack Russell Terrier have anything to teach us aboutContinue reading “Bikepacking with Banjo”

Under an open sky

It is the oldest girl who proposes it: the last camp fire trip of the season. Let the tarp and the tent remain at home and sleep under an open sky, before the mosquitoes and midges occupy the forest. What father could say no to that? It gets late before we get away. Again. ButContinue reading “Under an open sky”

Wintercamping with Children – Northern Lights and Whooper Swans above the Blefjell mountains

It was winter. There was snow. And before us awaited a week without any big plans – winter holiday 2011. The ideas were many, but the decision was easy: We went to Blefjell, our lokal mountain range. Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tents, food, clothing, cooking equipment, cuddly teddy bears and a radio were distributed betweenContinue reading “Wintercamping with Children – Northern Lights and Whooper Swans above the Blefjell mountains”

Short film: Sometimes half the distance is twice as good

Three guys going on a trip together was suddenly reduced to two guys. Initial plans were shelved and we ended up in Drammen City one late afternoon. Ahead of us awaited paddling south through the forest of Røysjømarka and a long journey north through Hurum, then crossing the Oslofjord to the small town Drøbak. AtContinue reading “Short film: Sometimes half the distance is twice as good”

Do cut off the handle on your toothbrush

My outdoor activities in its infancy were running shoes or military boots, an old down bag, which probably had more feathers than down, a lack of tent, or heavy tent, thick woolen sweaters, cotton pants, bread and sausages – in a way spartan, but also heavy. Then came a phase of upgrading the equipment, followedContinue reading “Do cut off the handle on your toothbrush”