On snowshoes, fatbikes and unexpected expenses

It’s impossible not to notice: The premature feeling of spring in the air. With a temperature above freezing, the powdery snow has finally settled. We walk a couple of hundred meters on foot from our house, Siri and I, put on our snowshoes and leave the road behind us. We follow a snowmobile track coveredContinue reading “On snowshoes, fatbikes and unexpected expenses”

Farewell to freeze dried food

We only walked a couple of kilometres from our house and into the woods. The camp was set at dusk just far enough away that we disappeared into our own world as darkness spread through the pine trunks. It was on this trip that Sif grew into her role as the family’s wilderness chef. WhetherContinue reading “Farewell to freeze dried food”

The sound of a paddle

The evening is closing in and we only have a few hundred meters left down to the tiny wharf, when she says it. We are about to finish a kayak trip down our local river Numedalslågen. Instead of eating supper at home, we had put a simple pasta salad in a bag, cycled down toContinue reading “The sound of a paddle”