The sound of a paddle

The evening is closing in and we only have a few hundred meters left down to the tiny wharf, when she says it. We are about to finish a kayak trip down our local river Numedalslågen. Instead of eating supper at home, we had put a simple pasta salad in a bag, cycled down toContinue reading “The sound of a paddle”

Hammocks in the summer night – first experience with our Hennessy hammocks

There are a lot of things that aren’t wise. And to go on a family overnight trip with hammocks at the peak of the midge season is definitely not the smartest thing to do. We did it anyway – there weren’t that many midges in the forest any more, were there? But there were. TheContinue reading “Hammocks in the summer night – first experience with our Hennessy hammocks”

Wintercamping with Children – Northern Lights and Whooper Swans above the Blefjell mountains

It was winter. There was snow. And before us awaited a week without any big plans – winter holiday 2011. The ideas were many, but the decision was easy: We went to Blefjell, our lokal mountain range. Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tents, food, clothing, cooking equipment, cuddly teddy bears and a radio were distributed betweenContinue reading “Wintercamping with Children – Northern Lights and Whooper Swans above the Blefjell mountains”

70 seconds of outdoor happiness

« … And this weekend there really is no time, but it’s no use thinking about that now, the boots sink into the snow, the pack resting heavily on the back and in your hand you hold a child. We leave the small road and go into the night. Straight pines slide out from theContinue reading “70 seconds of outdoor happiness”

New Year Wishes for 2012

  2011 is drawing close to the end. Old and new dreams swirl around in the air. Next year we will try to reach out after some of them: Dating a tree. In 2012, we want to be intimate with a tree. Preferably a tall beech with a smooth trunk. An oak might also do.Continue reading “New Year Wishes for 2012”

Off season

The landscape along the coast of the southern most part of Norway is a mosaic consisting of agricultural land, caravan sites, vast stretches of cabin areas, and, what we came looking for, smooth rock faces gliding into the sea, interspersed with the occasional remnant gnarled oak forest and tall growing beech forest. Last autumn weContinue reading “Off season”