Barely legal bikerafting

I try to tell my daughters to be aware of strangers on the internet. They kindly reminded me of that when I was heading out the door with my fatbike, the bare necessities of gear topped with that DSLR I never can make myself to leave behind. And they were absolutely right: I had never metContinue reading “Barely legal bikerafting”

Out of hibernation

It’s been quiet here on the site for a while. Very quiet. And there’s a good reason for that: Last winter was spent as a teacher, freelance journalist, author and father (and probably part-time nutcase), all while I was maintaining my primary blog in Norwegian as well as this space. It became very clear at oneContinue reading “Out of hibernation”

New Year Wishes for 2012

  2011 is drawing close to the end. Old and new dreams swirl around in the air. Next year we will try to reach out after some of them: Dating a tree. In 2012, we want to be intimate with a tree. Preferably a tall beech with a smooth trunk. An oak might also do.Continue reading “New Year Wishes for 2012”

Short film: Sometimes half the distance is twice as good

Three guys going on a trip together was suddenly reduced to two guys. Initial plans were shelved and we ended up in Drammen City one late afternoon. Ahead of us awaited paddling south through the forest of Røysjømarka and a long journey north through Hurum, then crossing the Oslofjord to the small town Drøbak. AtContinue reading “Short film: Sometimes half the distance is twice as good”

Smooth rock and shiny waters – a packrafting adventure

Come along on a packrafting adventure in Gautefall, Southern Norway, in the shadow of the bombing of the government quarter in Oslo and the subsequent massacre of youths on Utøya. An emotional short film about how being in the outdoors frees your mind as a counterweights to dark times:

Packrafting in Gautefall

We were really supposed to have left on a Thursday, but with the prospect of extended flooding due to heavy rainfall, we chose to wait out the weather. Then came Friday 22 July and the unfathomable events: The bombing of the government quarter in Oslo and the subsequent massacre of youths on Utøya. It wasContinue reading “Packrafting in Gautefall”